For Event Managers

Before your event, you’ll need to do these things:

1. Fulfill Insurance Requirements:
Event organizers will need to read the insurance packet provided by the ODS Insurance Agent and the ODS Handbook chapter about Insurance. Liability Waivers and Accident Forms are also found on this page.

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What you need to know BEFORE your event STARTS because of what is required AFTER your event:

Where to Advertise your Event

The ODS Website – you can speed up the process by adding your event.  Go to the ODS Calendar webpage, click submit event (upper right) and complete the items requested.

ODS Broadcast e-mail – when available and allowed (ODS Policies apply to broadcast e-mails – see Chapter 4 here). Contact us to schedule your email broadcast.

Social Media – the ODS Facebook Calendar Page will be  fed by the ODS Calendar, however, you may want to request additional promotion (by sending an e-mail to ODS) and to also add and promote your event on the USDF Region 6 and Individual Chapter Pages. Promotion done on the ODS Facebook Page automatically feeds our Twitter.

Other places in our area to advertise:

These forms are due within 2 weeks of event: W9 and Post-Event Income Report Form

These forms are due within 2 weeks after the event to ODS. ODS files reports on behalf of all of our organization – all ODS chapters, committees, high school teams. These forms are necessary to protect 501(c)3 status and go to Oregon Dept. of Justice as well as the IRS.

Payments made to non-corporations for fees for services need to be reported to ODS with a post-show or post-event form and a W-9 for each person paid.  Just because you are making payment to a business name does not automatically mean that the income is not reportable; you must collect W-9s from Sole Proprietors (DBAs), Partnerships as well as LLCs and most Corporations; Government facilities (such as County/State Fairgrounds) are except from this requirement. Rent is reportable – do not forget to turn in paperwork on facilities. You may not issue payment to the individual unless you have a completed W-9; if the individual refuses to provide a W-9, you will be required to withhold a portion of the earnings and submit different paperwork along with the withholdings to the ODS Office so that we can forward to the IRS.


If you are considering hiring a non-US person for a chapter or other ODS event, you must clear this with ODS or the ODS Treasurer first. There are strict legal requirements involved in hiring a non-US person. This needs to be verified BEFORE you make any agreement to hire that person.

A non-US person is someone who is not normally resident in the USA.  The requirements are:

  • The person must have a suitable VISA to work for hire in the USA. A Tourist Visa or any other non-work visa is not adequate.
  • The person must have a US Tax ID.

W-9 Form

W-9 forms can be turned in before your event or with the post-event form.
Send forms to: Oregon Dressage Society – P.O. Box 666, Canby, OR 97013