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A full calendar of competition, clinics and education
ODS and its chapters sponsor ODS approved USEF/USDF Licensed shows, ODS League approved shows, practice shows, clinics, judges forums and other activities.

Awards program
ODS annual awards include: horse/rider awards, instructor awards, support person awards, special recognition, Chapter awards, Freestyle awards, Quadrille & Pas de Deux Awards, Sport Horse Breeding awards, Connie J. Keith Memorial Amateur Award. Not to mention available scholarships for professionals, amateurs, and youth alike!

ODS Championship Shows
Fully organized and managed by ODS at both the league and USEF/USDF Licensed levels. This signature annual show is the high point for many members.

VIP Member Discounts
As an ODS / USDF member, you are entitled to a discount at a wide array of vendors:

ODS Merchandise (10-20% discount) – usually available at major ODS sponsored horse shows and educational events

USDF Store (10% discount)
Shilo Inns (20% discount)
Premier Equestrian (5% discount)
DressageTrainingOnline.com (25% discount)
MyDressageStats.com (one free month)
DressageClinic.com (15% discount)
DressageMeetingOnline.com (15% discount)

Free Test Booklet
Test booklet is bulk mailed to current ODS members in January (for memberships received after 12/31, postmarks do not count). The Test Booklet is an incredibly valuable tool, containing current USEF, USDF and FEI tests and more!

For memberships received after 12/31 these will be mailed, as long as supplies last, and only to those who pay an additional $30.00 publications fee.

Free USDF Group Membership
Group Membership is obtained by joining Oregon Dressage Society (GMO). (NOTE: Group Membership is NOT the same as a USDF Participating Membership.) The ODS Office sends a roster of members along with appropriate dues to USDF. Learn more about Group Membership benefits on the USDF website.

Free Chapter Membership
If desired, in local ODS chapters with their many activities.

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Membership FAQs