The Barbara Page Memorial Fund

Youth Rider | Based on USDF/ODS Recognized or League Shows | For Education

The scholarship was established to honor her memory and approach to life, by assisting a young rider in furthering his or her education in the art of dressage. Barbara strove for excellence in everything she did. She always said that it was the process of working towards something that was important, and that if one worked through the process with integrity, the goal would be realized. The award is made to the high percent winner, Training level test 2 and 3, at any USDF/ODS recognized or League Show, because the correctly schooled training level horse is the foundation for everything to come. By recognizing achievement here, we are recognizing a rider who has already committed to the process and is ready to move on.

The Youth Rider is to download the award application from the ODS website and submit the form and copies of the front of the two tests to the ODS office by August 31st of current year.

The winner of this scholarship will receive the award and $200.00 to be paid toward clinic rides. The money will be paid directly to the clinician or instructor, payment must be arranged through the ODS Treasurer. The scholarship must be used before the next years deadline. Past recipients are not eligible.


Youth Rider | Pony Mount | For Education

Joyce and Laura Stride have established a scholarship in memory of Bahas Amiable Ali, who died at age 34 in September of 2001. Ali began his career with the Stride family in 1972 as Laura’s first mount, and since, has carried many young riders through the ranks of 4-H and JR/YR shows. He helped his young riders glean the glory of medallions, high points and year-end awards. He gave them the confidence to graduate to a full sized-horse. He was famous for unseating the unwary rider – his version of the Wake-up call.

This scholarship opportunity is open to riders at any USDF/ODS recognized or League Show mounted on ponies. (USEF definition of a pony: not to exceed 14.2 h)

Riders need to download an award application from the ODS website, and write an essay about PONY POWER, describing what makes a pony special. This needs to be submitted to the ODS office at least 30 days before the ODS Championship show.

The sponsor of the award, or designee, reads the essays, makes the selection and notifies show management of the recipient.

The winner will receive the award at the Awards ceremony plus $150 toward a clinic of the rider’s choice.  Arrangements for moneys to be paid directly to the clinician or instructor must be made through the award sponsor, and must be used before next year’s Championship show.

Past recipients are not eligible.



Winnie Heiney-Duncan Scholarship Fund

Youth Rider | Essay | For Education

Developed to honor and support long time and well respected ODS member Winnie-Heiney-Duncan, this scholarship seeks to further develop the education of Jr/YR’s within the Society. This scholarship strives to promote and encourage values that Winnie personifies, such as kindness, commitment, character, dedication, ethics, quality treatment of horses, education of humans and equines, and fairness.

One scholarship per Membership year in the amount of $100 to a qualified Jr/YR may be awarded. Scholarship funds may be applied to various equine related educational opportunities such as clinics, symposiums, lessons, competitions, and/or travel. Multiple person awards may be considered in situations of Jr/YR team competition applications.


  1. Must be a member of ODS
  2. All application letters must be typed.
  3. Considerations to be given to need, and educational value. Preference will be given to those who commit/promise to add something back to the Society, through education to other juniors/young riders. 

Applications must be submitted to the ODS Office at least 14 days prior to any ODS Board meeting.

Each application will be evaluated without regard to prior award. Scholarships will be awarded on the merit of the proposal.

The ODS Education Outreach Group shall review the applications and make recommendations for approval to the ODS Board of Directors. All deliberations and applications of the committee will be absolutely confidential. The Board of Directors shall decide the application by majority vote.

Linda Acheson Education Fund:

ODS Membership | For Educational Events

The ODS Education fund was established in 1998 and was renamed the Linda Acheson ODS Education Fund in 2004 as a memorial to Linda Acheson, former ODS President, Treasurer, and “L Education Program” graduate. Linda was an advocate of rider and instructor education. She organized the first ODS certified instructor program and supported the ODS “L” Education program, and judged many schooling shows.

Linda established the fund during her tenure as president. Her intent was to create a specific account where the earnings could be used to finance educational events and programs—in whole, or part, for the benefit of ODS members. The education fund has received numerous contributions in honor of her memory. An annual benefit show has been the main source of subsequent monies.

The Linda Acheson Education Fund is not a “restricted fund” in the sense of an endowment, however the ODS Board of Directors agreed in principle that the funds were “dedicated” to the educational mission Linda intended. The goal is to raise additional monies through fundraisers or bequests/gifts to reach a point where the income from the fund be used to sponsor educational programs. Linda estimated, and the Board of Directors subsequently adopted that the principal of the fund reach and be maintained at $50,000. At the point the income from the fund may be utilized for educational activities. The Board of Directors will establish an advisory panel to select projects or programs to support.

Please note: the fund is now maintained through The Dressage Foundation. Click Here