The Oregon Dressage Society (the Corporation) shall be organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, athletic, artistic, and educational purposes. Subject to the limitations stated in the Articles of Incorporation, the purposes of this corporation shall be to engage in any lawful activities, none of which are for profit, for which corporations may be organized under Chapter 65 of the Oregon Revised Statutes (or its corresponding future provisions).

The purpose of the Oregon Dressage Society is to educate, promote and inspire its members and the general public through programs, publications and competitions, in a way that enhances the image of Dressage and promotes the welfare of the horse. The program of the Oregon Dressage Society shall be designed to offer a framework in which individuals can progress with dressage schooling of themselves and their horses.

The Oregon Dressage Society was founded in 1971; incorporated in 1972 and received our 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt status in 1992. ODS is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of at least six Directors at Large and four Regional Representatives.

Directors at Large (DAL) serve 3 year terms representing the interest of all ODS members. DALs may be asked to serve on committees, assist with communication between the Office and membership and report to the Board or appropriate committee issues of ODS members.

Regional Chapter Representatives

Each region has an elected Regional Representative who represent their region and give input into state and national decisions and policies. The position of Regional Representative is a voting position on the ODS Board of Directors.
These representatives are elected annually by members in their region.
Nomination for Regional Representatives occurs in the spring; election occurs in the fall. Contact the ODS Office for details.

Additional Resources – Official Documents

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