Special Awards

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Special Awards are presented in conjunction with the Annual ODS Awards Banquet.

 Nominations must be submitted to the ODS office 15 days prior to the Annual Awards Banquet in order to be considered.

Volunteer of the Year and Chapter Newsletter nominations must be submitted no later than August 1st of the membership year in order that they may submitted to USDF by August 30 for consideration for Region 6 Awards.

All nominees must be ODS members as of February 1 of the current membership year, with the exception of the Support Person Extraordinaire.

Except as noted in the discussion of individual awards, award recipients are determined by a committee appointed annually by the Special Awards Chair. Historically, the Committee consists of four members, plus Chair, comprised of one ODS Board member, and three members from two or more Chapters, general membership or others. Committee members need not be ODS members.

Recipients are determined on merit of nominee, not number of nomination letters submitted for any one individual. Committee members vote independently, and votes tabulated by Committee Chair. Committee members are not informed of results. Ties are broken by the Chair or by input from other ODS Board member votes, if needed.

Volunteer of the Year

The purpose of this award is to recognize a special volunteer who has done outstanding service for ODS as a volunteer. If you feel someone deserves this recognition, please write a letter describing this person’s contributions and mail it directly to the Special Awards Coordinator or to the ODS Office. It must be received no later than August 1. The winner of this award will automatically be submitted to USDF as a nomination for USDF Region 6 Group Member Organization (GMO) Volunteer of the Year award.

Mary Ann Judkins Memorial Instructor Award

Sponsored by the State of Jefferson Chapter – ODS
This award for an outstanding instructor is given each year in memory of Mary Ann Judkins. It will be awarded at the ODS Awards Celebration. Mary Ann was a competitor, instructor, and ODS judge who succumbed to cancer at an early age. To nominate someone please refer to the criteria below, and if the instructor meets these standards, send in a letter of recommendation to the ODS Office at least 30 days prior to the awards banquet (current date is October 1).
The following criteria will be considered: This person should; be a current ODS member, be supportive of the students and efforts regardless of goals, have broad variety of experience in training students at different levels, be continuing their own education in dressage, be involved locally and/or statewide in the horse community, attend and support students in their competitions, give expert advice on suitable horses for the student, have prominence in the area of instruction, retain students over a period of years, and show leadership in the dressage community.

M. Teresa Dunlap Trophy – Special Recognition Award

Sponsored by the Mid Valley Chapter – ODS
This award, originally a perpetual traveling trophy donated by Oregon State University and Crescent Valley Equestrian Center, was first presented in 1988 in memory of Teresa Dunlap. It is awarded at the ODS Award Celebration to the person who has done the most to further dressage in Oregon in both the last year and in previous years. A committee made up of previous winners will make a choice based on brief nominating letters received from any ODS member or group. If you feel someone deserves this recognition, please write a letter describing this person’s contributions and mail it to the ODS Office. It must be received at least 30 days prior to the ODS Awards banquet (current date is October 1). Recipient may only receive this award once in a lifetime. Teresa was a longtime boarder CVEC, a strong promoter and supporter of dressage who, unfortunately, succumbed to cancer at an early age.

Support Person Extraordinaire Award

Sponsored by the Chehalem Mountain Chapter – ODS
The purpose of this award is to recognize those who work hard behind the scenes helping our competitors ride and show. To be considered they must not receive any pay for their work. Do you know someone who fits the above criteria? If so, nominate them by writing a letter describing why this person deserves an award and mail it to the ODS Office. It must be received at least 30 days prior to the ODS Awards banquet (current date is October 1). The awards committee will review the nominations. The winner will be announced at the ODS Awards Celebration.

ODS Nate Asby Inspirational Award

Sponsored by The Asby Family

The Nate Asby Inspirational Award will be given to an ODS member who by their example of overcoming an obstacle in their life such as a physical or mental disability, financial setback, or life changing event inspires others with their determination.

President’s Choice Horse Ambassador

Sponsored by the Twin Rivers Chapter – ODS

The recipient is selected by the President of ODS. It is presented to the horse who has best represented dressage in Oregon and beyond, thru competition or demonstrations. This horse is not necessarily at the highest levels but demonstrates the attributes that make him or her a “Goodwill Ambassador.”

Dressage Horse Hall of Fame

Must be owned or ridden by ODS members in ODS Approved Dressage Shows. Must be at least 20 years old when nominated or may be nominated posthumously. All ambassadors regardless of age, previous and future will be automatically included. To nominate a horse an essay of up to 100 words must be submitted telling why this horse should be in the Hall of Fame. A 5×7 photo must accompany the essay.

Award began 2011. Above is from Feb 6, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes and was a passed motion.

Winners other than ambassadors:
2013: Tristan (owner Kathy Lyle, rider Holly Johns)
Johnny B. Goode (owner and rider Raymond “Spike” Cornelius)
2014: Rockette DG, Gina Rudieger
2015: Gerrit, Tricia McCormick
2016: Pickel-N-Spice, Phyllis Hendrix
2017: Galahad, Helen Ferguson
Tays Benezie, Sarah Asby

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