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Joining a Local Chapter
Members select to be a general member (GM) within your region or to join a chapter during the membership application/renewal process.

Benefits to an Individual joining a Chapter

  • There is no additional cost to join a local chapter.
  • Local connections, local newsletters and local members clinics, shows and seminars.
  • Opportunity to become involved in your local dressage community without the commitment of statewide responsibilities



President:  Mary Ann Trout   503.307.5382

Vice President:  Karina Molatore  503.523.8084

Treasurer:  Jorine Rietman  503.849.8235

Secretary:  Jane Baer  503.843.3153

This chapter primarily meets in the  Columbia County area.

President:  Lesley Everett  503.708.0548

Vice President:  Leslie Upton  503.680.1473

Secretary:  Heidi Speake  503.543.8649

Treasurer:  Christine Allison  503.366.3228

This chapter primarily meets in the Vancouver, Washington area

President: Eileen Parent 360.887.0799

Vice President: Katherine Graman 360.891.5539

Secretary: Julie McPherson

Treasurer: Carol Ramsey 360.693.1945

This chapter primarily meets in the Salem, Marion County area.

President:  Marla Santino  503.522.5453

Vice President: Donna DeMoss –

Treasurer:  Helen Ferguson 503.266.1289

Secretary:  Marla Santino, Secretary



This chapter primarily meets in the Benton and Linn,  County areas.

President:  John Craven  541.753.4435

Vice President:  Mija Sims  503.871.3800

Secretary:  Karen McCurdy  503.580.6756

Treasurer:  Joyce Heinke  541.327.3406

This chapter meets primarily in the Eugene, Lane County Area.


Vice-President:  Sally Temple      541-935-7567

Treasurer:  Kathy Flynn  541.912.2233

Secretary:  Stephenie Frank  541.543.6825


This chapter primarily meets in the Klamath Falls, Klamath County area.

President: Jill Campbell 541.892.1016

Vice President: Andrea Pursley 541.892.1890

Secretary: Lori Porter 541.281.2532

Treasurer: Janie Steinbock 541.6553 

This chapter primarily meets in the Medford, Jackson County area.

President: Karen Piper 707.338.4184

Vice President: Savannah Whisler 503.839.8615

Treasurer: Edwin Miller 541.482.2902

Secretary: Melanie Plisskin 541.292.6605

Member at Large: Teisa Penner 541.261.8335

This chapter primarily meets in the Roseburg, Douglas County area.

President – Brett Lynn Stallings

Vice President – Lori Masuda

Secretary – Brenda Mahler, Megan Packham

Treasurer – Sue Hall

News Letter Editor – Valerie Stallings


This chapter primarily meets in the Bend, Deschutes County area.

President:  Ann Brewer  210.259.1117

Vice President:  Jill Healy   503.582.9757

Treasurer:  Christa Gunnell  541.306.1298

Secretary:  Stacey Berger  530.409.3199

Member at Large:  Laura Swenson  541.390.7015

President:  Karen Hasel  541.786.0431

Vice President:  Shelly Cimon  541.240.0162

Treasurer:  Kimberly Hilton  541.786.0046

Secretary:  Debby Love  541.704.6161