ODS Insurance

ODS administrates Liability Insurance and Horse Show Insurance on behalf of our chapters and committees. ODS also handles the Directors and Officers insurance and provides assistance in other insurance matters.

ODS COMMITTEES AND CHAPTERS ONLY — Insure your Show, Clinic or Event:

There is sometimes confusion about the concept of ODS sponsored events. ODS Chapters, Committees and the State Organization can sponsor activities. Shows approved by ODS but sponsored by organizations other than ODS or an ODS chapter can NOT be covered by this insurance.

Follow these links for important information about ODS Insurance; how to apply, details and rules.

Review the ODS Insurance Policy Packet from our Agent

ODS_PPM_Single_file_versio_9-21-18 – Read Chapter IV (Insurance)

Review the current year’s Directors and Officers Binder and Coverage information (caution – large file)

Important Notes:

  • Members only clinics must be restricted to MEMBERS only, including the clinician and all auditors/people attending (videographer, etc); if anyone is not a member, then the clinic is subject to the public day fee (currently $43) PLUS the clinician must provide ODS with proof of their insurance.
  • Open clinics not restricted to members only pay a public day fee (currently $43). Additionally, the clinician must provide clinic organizer with proof of their insurance.
  • Facility additional insured: there is an annual cost of $25.00 per non-member facility. Please use the legal property owner’s name on the insurance form vs. just a farm name.
  • Vendors participating in ODS Chapter, Committee, Team or ODS GMO Sponsored Shows: ODS requires that all independent contractors (including concessionaires on the show grounds) furnish the show/clinic/event management with a Certificate of Insurance as evidence that Public Liability Insurance (minimum $1mil), Auto and Worker’s Compensation Insurance is in force during the show. In most cases, show management will want to be named as Additional Insured on their policy (i.e. naming Oregon Dressage Society, Inc., its Directors, Officers and Agents as additional insured).
  • Shows approved by ODS but sponsored by organizations other than ODS or an ODS Chapter must provide ODS with proof of their insurance.
  • The ODS Liability Policy includes a Products Coverage (listed on p.5) because it is anticipated that there may be some incidental sales of food by clubs, i.e. hotdogs, bake sales, etc. We ask that management check with local authorities in regards to food handling regulations and permit requirements.
  • The ODS Liability Policy does not include products coverage in the event that a chapter or committee hosts a tack sale. If your chapter or committee is planning on hosting a tack sale, please contact the ODS Office for details on how to best protect ODS and for the current rate structure.
  • The ODS Insurance Plan does not include motor vehicle coverage at all. This includes, but is not limited to the use of Golf Carts, ATVs, scooters, etc. If your chapter or committee rents golf carts for your show, please purchase the optional coverage if available. There is no certificate available to owners if your club or chapter borrows a golf cart from a member or friend.
  • EMTs are not included as a part of the show committee; as a result, your EMT must furnish the show management with proof of professional liability coverage, naming ODS as additional insured.