May ODS Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 9:13 am
Attendance: Lisa Koch, Michelle Anderson, Lynette Hammon, Eileen Parent, Tedi Paasch, Marsha
Williams, Karen Cheeke, Sarah Diebert, Kim Barker, Kathy Casey, Tory Kelly, Mary Packard.
Absent: Brett Stallings, Brittany Castell, Keaton Hoy.
President’s Report:
• Test book is out. Thank you very much Sarah Diebert, also Tedi, Kim and Eileen for proof
• Horse/Rider Awards: Thank you to Sarah and Tory for your work. The lists have been sent to the
engraver and should be done soon.
• PPM/Bylaws: Thank you Mary and Marsha for all your continuing work on this.
• Webcast: Thank you Michelle and Kim for putting on the first webcast it worked very well and
there is interest for more.
• Board Positions: Solbritt Hill is willing to assume the south region rep. position. Brett is moving
to Texas – We all wish her the best of luck in her endeavors. We are not looking to fill her
position at this time as we have more than enough directors.
Treasurer’s Report: Lynette presented the Profit and Loss for January to May 2020.
All transactions are input for 2019 and categorized
Books for 2020 are reconciling
Mobile Deposit with Chase
Bookkeeper to help with data entry/auditing
Have ODS accounts earning interest
All accounts in order with usernames and passwords
Organizing categories in QB for more efficient budgeting
Caught up our State Transit taxes due since 3Q2018- reimbursed NE Oregon Chapter for fines
Re-registered with Secretary of State as Non-profit
Paid Loop-up outstanding invoices through July 2019
Working on:
2019 Taxes
Having Jon Howell look at prior years to reconcile
W9 list for show/event managers – don’t need one if we have contractor on file
Budget statement for show/event managers
Visa that earns income
Point of purchase with visa
Organizing position
2020 Budget
Lisa presented a draft budget for May to Dec. 2020.
Motion to approve draft budget. Voted and Approved
Lisa presented a letter to the board. She stated concerns over clarifying previous financial records and
the categorizing of them. She stated the need to go forward with improved categorizing and record
keeping in Quick Books system for the future. A financial consultant, Larry Lakes, who has a lot of
experience working with non-profits, is willing to work with ODS to reconcile the 2019-2020 books.
Motion: Approve Larry Lakes as a non-paid consultant to work as needed to help get the budget
organized, and with the basic bookkeeping and accounting to move forward in a more organized
fashion. Voted and Approved.
Committee Updates:
*Strategic Planning – on hold waiting for budget.
* Championship Show Committee – on hold
* Education Committee – Lisa, Marsha, Rhonda, Anna Bigwood working on Trainers’ Workshop.
Catherine has now committed to the workshop on Oct. 16-17. The Budget is in the submitted draft
budget. The Adult Amateur Workshop is Nov. 14 and 15 with Paula Lacey. Trainers may audit. The
budget has been submitted in the draft budget.
* Competitions Committee – Sarah stated that we need to follow the USEF and local and state
guidelines for the shows. This includes adding another waiver and having PPEs, Temperature checks
along with limiting the number of people. Complete list of guidelines on USEF website.
Motion: The board needs to develop a Covid Resource person responsible for coordinating the local,
state and USEF guidelines and keeping ODS in compliance. Tabled. Kim, Michelle and Lisa will develop a
description of a position to coordinate a covid response in regards to ODS shows and bring it to the
Webcast Update: The webcast went great with about 60 people registered. The format worked well and
we are receiving emails asking for more. Presently looking for more topics.
Bylaws and PPM: Mary and Marsha reported they have finished the first two chapters covering ODS and
the Board. Discussion about a motion for accepting new criteria for choosing the ODS delegates to the
USDF convention. Motion tabled for further review.
Motion: Motion to remove the giving or selling of the ODS mailing list to Business members. Change to
“ODS Business members are entitled to one broadcast email per quarter”. Voted and approved.
Regional Rep. Reports:
Tedi – North region – NWV has about 15 active members, all amateurs, everything is on hold. CM –
everything on hold. FVC – still trying to plan adult camp and league show, maybe.
Marsha – East region – NE is able to ride at home, Eagle Cap loved the webcast had a practice show, has

ODS Sets Out to Develop Strategic Plan

Oregon Dressage Society turns 50 next year. Just think about that for a second. Five decades ago—two years before United State Dressage Federation formed—likeminded individuals came together to start an organization to foster dressage in our state. That’s a pretty amazing history. With the 50-year milestone on the horizon, we as an executive committee knew we wanted to create a plan to successfully propel ODS into our next 50 years, and that would start with a strategic plan. But where would we start? Fortunately, the ODS membership offers a well of knowledge and experience. One such member is Gillian Ockner, of Bend, who has years strategic planning, nonprofit, and project management experience, and she’s agreed to guide our strategic planning committee and organization through this process. Thank you, Gillian!

ODS: How long have you been an ODS member and involved in dressage?

Gillian Ockner: I’ve been an ODS member for nearly 10 years. I first fell in love with dressage as a kid taking lessons periodically in Los Angeles. I thought the outfit was great and the saddle seemed way more comfortable than the western saddle I used trail riding in the Sierras during my summers, but without a horse or trainer easily accessible it wasn’t something I got to do much. My mother-in-law, Patty Dewey (also an ODS member) reintroduced me to the sport in 2002 and gave me my first horse in 2008, one of the Arabians that she bred. That’s when I started consistently training in dressage. We moved to Bend in 2010, where I met Natalie Perry, and I soon became a member of the Central Oregon Chapter of ODS and started competing locally. The horse I’m currently training in dressage is a 12 -year-old Quarter Horse/draft gelding who’s amazingly good natured and willing to try hard. We showed at Training Level last year, and we are training at First Level now.

ODS: What is your professional background?

GO: I’ve spent most of my career over the past 20 years as an environmental professional focusing on water quality protection, sustainability management, and ecosystem economics. As a project manager, I’ve been part of creating utility infrastructure master plans, development plans, and most recently with the City of Bend I was part of creating the first Climate Action Plan locally. I have worked in government and the private sector and have served as a member of the board of directors for EarthShare Oregon, Deschutes Land Trust, and Hope Mountain Vaulters, a non-profit organization which I helped form. 

ODS: What is your interest/experience in strategic planning?

GO: During my terms on the board of directors for the various non-profit organizations I participated in their strategic plan development. With my Gallup StrengthsFinder (a test an program focused on personal and professional development) results showing my top five strengths as “Strategic,” “Activator,” “Connectedness,” “Learner,” and “Communication,” it’s no surprise I gravitate to strategic planning and organizational development. I’ve also been part of leadership teams in the public and private sector, where I’ve had the opportunity to participate in and lead strategic planning at different points in my career. I get really excited about working with people to get clear on what it is they want to achieve as a team or organization and then helping them plan the steps to realizing their dreams.

ODS: Why did you want to get involved in ODS’s strategic planning?

GO: Helping ODS with strategic planning enables me to combine two of my passions, and I hope this work will support the organization’s sustainability, so my family and I can enjoy dressage competitions and educational programs through Oregon for years to come.

ODS: How can organizations benefit from this kind of planning/process?

GO: I recently explained ODS’s board of directors that your “mission statement” is why you’re doing what you’re doing; your “vision statement” describes what happens when you succeed at doing it, and your strategic plan is creating the map and defining the route for how you will get there. This tool for charting your course provides the opportunity to take stock your strengths and weaknesses, as well as evaluate the opportunities and threats to the organization, which provide the detail on the map. Then, you can define steps in the direction you want to go that navigate through this landscape. The process of going through strategic planning with an organization can be challenging because it takes time when there are urgent needs for the organization to move forward with day-to-day business. However, taking time to engage the leadership in working together to determine the organization’s strategic direction and agreeing on what you want to stop, start, and continue in service to your membership can help everyone walk forward together more effectively.

ODS: What’s your goal for ODS’s planning process?

GO: For ODS, what an exciting time to be going through this process with the 50th anniversary just a year away! I hope this process will strengthen the organization by defining what it will do and how it will do it using a near-term operational plan with clear actions in the areas of financial management, communications, and volunteer engagement for successful implementation of things that matter most to members. I hope ODS can be flexible enough to create the first iteration of a strategic plan fairly quickly, building in checkpoints over the next year or two for evaluating whether the chosen actions are delivering the desired value and be prepared to adapt the plan as it learns. If the plan ends up on the shelf, then we haven’t done our job well.

Tory Kelly

ODS Hires Office Help

We are excited to announce that Tory Kelly has joined Oregon Dressage Society as a temporary assistant office manager on a part-time basis! In this new role, Tory will process memberships, insurance, and show approvals; maintain the ODS show and event’s calendar; monitor social media and update the website; and offer customer service support to ODS members.
The ODS executive committee elected to hire an assistant office manager after hearing from you, our members, about how we can better meet your needs. Our goal is to streamline communications and improve the day-to-day membership experience, while allowing the board to focus on growing the organization and pursing opportunities to support dressage throughout the state and region.

Many of you might already know Tory, who joined ODS nearly 30 years ago. During this time, she’s been a fixture at ODS shows, clinics, and events with her videography company, Equine Video Productions. Besides dressage, Tory enjoys trail riding, horse camping, and working equitation with her Quarter Horse mare, Diva. Tory is highly organized, passionate about dressage, and brings a positive personal energy to everything she does. We as a board are excited to work with her.
Please join us in welcoming Tory!

ODS Office Contact Info

Tory Kelly
ODS Temporary Assistant Office Manager | (503) 893-5254
Office hours:
Monday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Thursday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
After hours, leave a message.

2018 ODS Awards

Volunteer of the Year – Sponsored by the Pacific Crest Trail Chapter:  Sarah Diebert

Support Person Extraordinaire Award – Sponsored by the Chehalem Mountain Chapter-ODS:  Brittney Castell

Mary Ann Judkins Memorial Instructor Award – Sponsored by the State off Jefferson Chapter-ODS:  Jessica Wisdom

Sportsmanship Award – Sponsored by Tory Kelly, Equine Video Productions:  Christine Erikson

Nate Asby Inspirational Award – Sponsored by the Asby Family:  Cathi Lowe