2019 ODS Board of Directors Candidates

Karen Cheeke – Director at Large Candidate

Karen Cheeke has been a member of ODS for 25 years. During that time Karen has belonged to the Mid Valley
Chapter and served as an officer and on multiple committees for that chapter. In 2017 Karen was elected
Central Region Rep to the ODS Board. Karen was reelected as Central Region Rep and also elected as Vice
President of ODS for 2018. In January of 2018 Karen moved into her role as the current President of ODS.
Karen enjoys her involvement with the ODS Board and looks forward to the opportunity to continue to serve
on the ODS Board and to support its programs. Karen will be attending the USDF Convention for her second
year this Fall. This is a way to stay involved with the governance of dressage nationwide and bring ideas back
to ODS.

Karen enjoys her three horses and has competed with them through third level dressage and earned her
Bronze Medal in 2016. She is currently working towards earning her bronze freestyle bar. The competitions
are a great way to meet fellow dressage enthusiasts and share the passion for our sport. Karen completed
Part 1 of the L Judges program in 2017 and plans to participate in Part 2 soon. Karen is a Connected Riding
instructor and teaches students who are interested in dressage, as well as other disciplines.

Throughout the year the opportunity to join others at various dressage educational activities brings Karen in
contact with others in our dressage community. Getting to know others and sharing ideas about dressage to
support and grow our ODS community is rewarding.

Sarah Diebert – Director at Large Candidate

I am a retired Mechanical Designer / engineer and understand how to organize and complete tasks. One of the
key issues to getting a project done is gathering a team that will work together and get everyone to move in
the same direction. Communication plays a huge role in getting projects done! I believe the skills I used in my
career will apply to being a Director at Large. I have been riding dressage 14 years and have been an ODS
member for the same number of years. Ever since then one thing has led to another. I am a former President
of the Fort Vancouver Chapter. In 2006 I was awarded the ODS Support Person Extraordinaire Award and the
M. Teresa Dunlap Trophy in 2016. I help support ODS in many ways. I do the ODS Test booklet, program flyer
for the awards night and the ODS Championship Show program. This is all done on a volunteer basis. In
addition, I volunteer at shows, clinics at ODS, FVC and Region 6 levels, show manager and or show secretary
for the FVC shows, and sometimes get to show / ride my horse. Also, I am currently the ODS Show Committee
Chair. I feel that this is a critical time for ODS and the members. We need to pull together and rally around ODS
and get the organization invigorated. After all there needs to be someone running the shows in the near future
so I can do my century ride!

Lynette Hammon – Director at Large Candidate

Hi there! My name is Lynette Hammon, I live in the Wilsonville/Newberg area on 8 acres with my family –
including horses, a dog and cat! I have been riding for 40+ years starting with 4‐H. In my adult life, I have done
many different disciplines including trail trials and endurance; which lead me to Dressage. Having ultimate
control of a horse on a cliff edge is super important! J

I was a 4‐H leader for 9 years (with up to 8 kids!) as well as being involved with Pony Club. Through these
activities I have ran numerous events ‐ camps, clinics, workshops/seminars, fundraisers, campouts (with
horses) etc. About 6 years ago I met Carol Jackson with a daughter that was CRAZY about dressage and we
joined the then ODS High School Dressage Team. I first took on the “North Team”, then about 3 years ago I
was asked to fill her BIG shoes! I have had a great time meeting the kids and working with them to make it
“their” team. Today we have grown from about 8 total members to around 25 active and another 15 inactive
team members. We are now a U25 team – recognizing the college kid as well!

In my non‐horsey life: I was in the corporate world (Fortune 100), for many years. Once I had children, I
transferred that energy into them and eventually running their school’s PTA for 14 years. I was co‐chair to the
High School Booster’s Dinner & Auction for 3 years. For 6 years, I was chair to the Newberg School District
Parent Leaders Assn. – all of which are voted positions. In all, I have helped raise just under a million dollars
for the Newberg Schools bringing in and funding many educational programs and activities for the kids.

Keaton Hoy – Director at Large Candidate

Keaton has been riding dressage since her early teens and has done almost every discipline of riding since the
age of 4 and was heavily involved in 4H for most of high school, eventually moving onto licensed dressage
shows and becoming involved in the ODS and the ODS Youth Team which she served as president, Vice
President, event coordinator, and still is currently very active in. She recently was a show manager for ODS
Youth Team’s first show in June. She is an avid, active competitor here in region 6 and has her bronze and
silver medal, currently riding at I‐1. She has goals of going to the U‐25 Brentina Cup next year with her own
“Fineliner 2” as well as being a successful CDI U‐25 competitor and showing internationally both as a big tour
and young horse rider and eventually wants to get her judging credentials.

Lisa Koch – Director at Large Candidate

I am an Adult Amateur rider. I started volunteering at all the recognized shows that I rode in. Soon I was on the
board of our local chapter. I was elected onto the board for ODS 6 years ago as Director at Large.
I have been organizing an ODS Adult Amateur Dressage Camp for the past 10 years. This has proven to be great success. I enjoy watching fellow riders immerse themselves in dressage for 4 days and improving their skills and confidence.

Two years ago I decided I wanted to expand this idea of bringing educational opportunities to specific groups.
Our GMO has had success with bringing education to adult amateurs and junior/young riders. But I felt there
was a group missing: instructors, trainers, professional riders. So I organized a USDF Instructor’s Certification
Program and was proud that 1 participant went on to receive her certification.

Last year, I organized the first ODS Trainers Workshop with Jan Ebeling for trainers, judges and L graduates.
This year, I’m excited to bring in Lisa Wilcox. This format will be more of an interactive approach to share her
training ideas.

USDF Particpation

  • USDF L Program (Graduate of Distinction)
  • USDF Adult Amateur Symposium demo rider (2)
  • USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist

Brett Stallings – Director at Large Candidate

Brett Stallings has been a member of ODS for 18 years; first as a junior member now as an adult amateur. She
has served as the Umpqua Valley Chapter secretary, vice president, and president as well as the southern
regional representative on the ODS board of directors. She was a participating member of the OSU Dressage
Team where she was the vice president and president. Brett has volunteered at dressage shows as well as
acting as show manager. Her show career has been challenging since she has been riding rescue horses with
little or no training.

Dolores Morgan – North Region Regional Representative Candidate

I have been an ODS member since 1985, and have earned a bronze medal from USDF and have the 4th level
scores for the silver – earned with my homebred Graciosa. My horse breeding activities produced three fillies
in the top 5 in the Pacific Northwest. Volunteer history includes scribing, scoring, running, stewarding for both
in‐hand and riding classes. I have served as Chair of the Dressage Sport Horse Breeders Committee and have
served on the Board of Directors as the North Regional Representative and more recently as ODS Treasurer.
Prior to retirement, I utilized my MSW in mental health initially as a therapist and then for a very long time as
an Executive Director of a Portland based non‐profit.

I am passionate about Classical Dressage and look forward to competing with my new partner, Ida. “I am
committed to principles which promote accountable, transparent and respectful services that promote the
relationship of horse and rider in the passion called Dressage.

Jo Renn – North Region Regional Representative Candidate

I have enjoyed being a North Region Representative for ODS this past year. My other ODS activities during that
time have included: being membership coordinator, coordinating the ODS booth at NW horse Expo, managing
one league show plus League Finals, volunteering as a scribe for the ODS “L” program, being volunteer
coordinator for two ODS recognized shows, being on the committee for the new website, and remaining an
active member of Lower Puget Sound chapter. I have also been showing my own horses at 3rd and 4th levels,
completed the “L” program in Nebraska (there wasn’t room in the ODS program), and completed my
requirements to start TD training. I have attended meetings of all the chapters in my jurisdiction, and enjoyed
meeting so many wonderful new horse people. In the upcoming year, I hope to build on this experience to
further improve communication within the club; share ideas to improve ODS activities, and act as a resource to
the chapters. I would like to continue as North Region Representative if you would like to have me.

Valerie Stallings – South Regional Representative Candidate

It does not seem so long ago I was a “Show Mom” following my 8 yr old daughter around, learning the ropes
from her Dressage / Pony Club coach. That was actually almost 20 years ago! I had become a member of ODS
so that I could participate in the local chapter activities with my daughter. As time went on I became more
involved, first with the chapter, becoming an officer; then becoming a member of the board of directors of
ODS itself.

Currently I am the appointed Secretary of ODS and as such am also on the board of directors as well as the
executive committee. It is a position I have held since 2015. Since then I have added chairperson of the
annual silent auction, 2016, 2017, 2018; Award Celebration banquet chair, 2017, 2018; Special Awards
committee, 2017 and chair 2018.

I have been witness to the trials and tribulations of ODS in recent times. I understand what has happened and
why. With that being said, I wish to see the ODS Board of Directors learn from past mistakes and move
forward with the ability to provide affordable educational opportunities to its membership as well as a viable,
fun show experience to competitors.

Although my show experience is very limited, I do ride, take lessons, and go to clinics. I have ridden a variety
of disciplines over the years; while I enjoy riding dressage I also trail ride, jump, and even drive my horses.
The purpose of the ODS board is to manage the business of ODS; however, board members should serve the
membership. I believe I could best do this as a regional representative bringing the feelings and thoughts of
the membership to the ODS board.

Thank you. Valerie Stallings.

Jaimie Lewellyn ‐ Central Regional Representative

I am Jaimie Lewellyn and I am running for the position of Central Regional Representative. I feel I am a good
candidate for this position as I have revived a potentially disbanding chapter in the central region Twin Rivers,
over the last 3 years. I have 3 horses, compete in dressage and have a strong aptitude for managing shows and dressage events. I feel passionately about reviving and sustaining the sport of dressage in Oregon!

Vacant – East Regional Representative



Nov. 9, 6 pm – videos of world Equestrian Games, meeting with election of officers Julie McPherson’s house

Dec. – Christmas Party


* Ernst Herrmann clinic – Summerfield, Nov. 2 – 4

• Heather Oleson clinic – Nov. 24 – 25

Let us know what else is happening that we can post/celebrate!


Pres. – Eileen Parent – 798 0558

V.P. – Katherine Graman – 360-891-5539

Treasurer – Carol Ramsey – 360-693-1945

Secretary – Julie McPherson – 360-921-4536

Show Committee Co. Chairs – Holly Barrett – 503-312-3086, roadapplegal@gmail.com
Jennifer Brandl – 320-248-0094, cmjennifer@aol.com

Scholarship Committee Chair – Newsletter –Eileen Parent

Fall Finale League Show

The show went very well with 94 rides over the two days. Lots of positive comments from the competitors.

Happy Winners
Improved outdoor warmup
New footing groomer
High Point Prizes

We held a social and meeting after the show on sat. Lots of members joined in and we had a very large group for our meeting.



FVC Meeting September 29 (after day one of the Fall Finale)
Show is estimated to be profitable this year!

Executive Horse Council report: New ad for FVC will be in the 2019 booklet

Recent activities: Strawberry Social, Working Equitation were well received and probably repeat in 2019

Camp will be close to break-even, largely in part to the two grants. Nancy Hamilton suggested we write short testimonials which could be used in advertising next year.

Upcoming meetings:
October : elections, be sure to nominate others or yourself. To be held at Julie McPherson’s where we will also watch the World Equestrian Games.
November: ?

December: Christmas party at Katherine Graman’s, include gift exchange

Send Eileen Parent news items for the newsletters

Gifts of appreciation were given to Eileen and to Lea Stokes (who was not there). Gift certificates and beautiful potted mums. Everyone appreciated all their work for putting on camp.

Lorraine Nettles reported $315 in profit from our shirt fundraiser. Discussion was held regarding finding another design and setting up another shirt sale.

Julie will get the trailer serviced: valve stem, grease trailer jack.

Reminder: Renew ODS memberships now, they expire in October.

Show committee discussed ideas for increased attendance next year, including offering reduced fees for haul ins on day two (for those who show on both days).

Discussed creating a new FVC website. Also, announced the ODS website has been reworked, cleaning up contradictions and duplications.

NEXT MEETING – NOV. 9 th 6 pm

Short meeting,

show report

We need to elect officers for next year. Please nominate yourself or someone else for the following positions:

V. Pres

Newsletter person – hopefully someone who knows how to do that stuff better then me.

Please email me your nominations and if you are an officer and would like to run again ( or are willing) please let me know.


Time to renew your membership!!


If your name is not listed make sure you renew your membership or check with ODS.

Time to renew your membership!!


Jennifer Allen
Zoe Anne Arrington
Holly Barrett
Junnifer Brandl
Meg Brinton
Pam Burke
Christy Callendar
Dellane Colson
Sarah Diebert
Wendy Edgar
Maria Ernst
Sophie Ernst
Carla Christian
Kristin Gillis
Katherine Graman
Nancy Hamilton
Barb Hort
Nancy Koski – not amateur
Kim Lennox
Liz Lund
Rosemary Littleton

Nancy Connelly
Julie McPherson
Doloris Morgan
Lorraine Nettles
Rose Newman
Sheila Owens
Eileen Parent-not amateur
Carol Ramsey
Jordyn Shaw – Junior
Rajvinder Singerkhanee
Pat Spencer
Lea Stokes
Linda Stuckenschneider
Courtney Tasso
Barb Funk – not amateur
Mary Velardi
Claire Vesely
Kristi Walker
Kay Walters
Linsday Whitcher – Junior
Jessica Wisdom – not amateur

If your name is not listed make sure you renew your membership or check with ODS.

Time to renew your membership!!


We have had a variety of meeting days to accommodate various activities and peoples schedules – Is that working?

How many meetings do you want – every month or occasional?

What activities do you want?

Suggestions for newsletter, like it, change it, add to it, don’t read it.



Sarah Diebert will be collecting used tack through out the year to bring to the used tack sale at theCCEHC tack sale at the fairgrounds or other used tack sales. year, Please save your used tack and get it to Sarah for future tack sales as a fundraiser for our chapter.


New Item

Wendy Edgar is selling a 17.5” Toulouse Aachen Genesis dressage saddle. It has an adjustable tree and comes with the tools and DVD for that. Asking $1,200. Obo. More photos available. Contact at 360-686-4179 (landline, no texts) or nixter@earthlink.net.







The following members have not sent in bio’s yet and we would love to learn more about you!! Please send in a bio and selfie so everyone gets to know everyone else! Thank You!!

Zoe Anne
Rebecca B
Pam Burke
Kristin G.
Rosemary L
Vicki Mitchell
Sheila Owens
Mary Shulte
Reggie S
Linda S

Nancy Thorn
Barb Funk
Mary V
Kristi W
Kay W
Lindsay w
Jessica w
Christy Callendar
Pat Spencer
Courtney Tasso Kay Walters