Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Shows

This program provides a correct, fundamental system for starting sport horse prospects. The program is intended for trainers, owners and breeders, with the goal of developing a consistent training foundation for all sport horse prospects. This program will bridge the current educational gap related to the training of sport horse prospects as they progress from in-hand to under-saddle and eventual competition.

ODS maintains a ODS Dressage Sport Horse Breeders document. This is provided as a courtesy for ODS members and chapters for their use to develop a prize list for their show. This contains the current documents that are required by USEF and USDF . This document is in the forms and documents page.

The entry form used for DSHB shows is the same form as for licensed dressage shows.

Futurity Program

The word futurity means “the quality of being or happening in the future” according to the Miriam Webster dictionary.

Breeders must pay a fee, per horse, to be included in a futurity program. These payments help fund pools of prize money to be distributed to those who win when they enter the eligible horse in futurity competitions. These money prizes and the respect that futurity winners gain gives breeders incentives to breed high-quality horses able to do the job they were bred to do. Ideally, these horses represent the best of their breed.

The Oregon Dressage Society offers Futurity classes at the licensed Championship show The ODS Futurity Rules and Application can be found on the forms and documents page

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