League Shows

ODS League shows provide a “second tier” level of competition intending to prepare the horse and rider for USEF-Licensed and USDF-Recognized shows.  Many of the USEF show rules are followed with a key exception being relaxed rider attire. Judging is generally by USDF “L” program graduates (the first tier of judging recognized by USEF).

ODS League shows are open to all – you do not need to be an ODS member to compete at an ODS League Show. However, you must be a member to compete at the ODS League Championships and to be eligible for ODS Horse/Rider Awards.

Classes from Introductory through Second Level including Freestyle, Pas De Deux and Quadrilles are offered and scores from these classes count toward year-end ODS League Horse/Rider awards for ODS members.  Additional classes that do not count toward year-end awards may include upper level classes and other dressage tests (Para-Equestrian, Western Dressage and Eventing).

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