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ODS welcomes back Mette Rosencrantz this Spring


Mette Rosencrantz will return to the Portland area for an Educational Workshop April 22 – 23, 2023. For more information and to register please CLICK HERE

Mette was here last October for the Trainers Workshop and received great comments on her teaching style. Come see for yourself! This event is open to ODS Members. Non Members can audit for an additional fee. Seating is limited so sign up early!!!

Workshop will be held at the beautiful Willamette Landing in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Demo Rider Application can be found HERE


ODS Horse/Rider Awards for 2022

Congratulations to everyone who earned and applied for the League and Licensed Show Horse/Rider Awards. This ODS Awards program is offered every year. Information and guidelines can be found under the Awards tab.

Below is a list of all qualified award recipients. (Riders, please check to make sure all spelling and number of scores earned is correct. We will be sending the completed list to have the plates made in the very near future). 

League Show Horse/Rider Awards

Intro Level

Maria Meister/KJOR Rosie/4 scores above 60%

Corrie Chaffin/Fire Heart/2 scores above 60%

Jerris Fenters/Monteaka Bay/2 scores above 60%

Johanna Weir-Wright/Rhythm of the Rain/3 scores above 60%

Training Level

Maria Meister/KJOR Rosie/1 score above 60%

Corrie Chaffin/Fire Heart/2 scores above 60%

Todd Browning/Bella SDP/2 scores above 60%

Kimberly Robinson/Romero/2 scores above 60%

Savannah Whisler/KJOR Rosie/3 scores above 60%

Candace Mann/Bodi Is A Fancy Boy/1 score above 60%

Jerris Fenters/Monteaka Bay/4 scores above 60%

Johanna Weir-Wright/Rhythm of the Rain/3 scores above 60%

Licensed Show Horse/Rider Awards

Training Level

Christine Maylone/Fresca RHR/8 scores above 60%

Todd Browning/Bella SDP/2 scores above 60%

Kimberly Robinson/Romera/6 scores above 60%

Amy Pike/Megas Four On The Floor**/8 scores above 60%

Damaris Smyth/Mojo II/5 scores above 60%

Jamie Steinbock/Windsor/13 scores above 60%

Tamara McCrea/Too Tall Treasure/3 scores above 60%

First Level

Christine Maylone/Fresca RHR/1 score above 60%

Kimberly Robinson/Romera/2 scores above 60%

Cloudette Heichel/Felix Fantasia/4 scores above 60%

Elizabeth Harris/Patriot AOF/9 scores above 60%

Amy Pike/Kalaloch+/3 scores above 60%

Tamara McCrea/Too Tall Treasure/8 scores above 60%

Kathy Everman/Bossa Nova/5 scores above 60%

Second Level

Tamara Logsdon/DK’s John Day/4 scores above 60%

Third Level

Savannah Whisler/Unicum/8 scores above 60%

Stephanie Frank/Ginestra/1 score above 60%

Fourth Level

Mary Arnold/Highland Scholar/5 scores above 60%


Mercedes Scheu/H. Prince William/4 scores above 60%


Kathy Everman/Florida/6 scores above 60%

Musical Freestyle

Savannah Whisler/Unicum/5 scores above 60%

Elizabeth Harris/Patriot AOF/4 scores above 60%

Dressage Sport Horse & Breeding Award

Damaris Smyth/Promise Me A Dream/6 scores above 60%






New Test Booklet & Membership Renewal Reminder

A Few Reminders –

ODS volunteers are in the process of completing the 2023 Dressage Test booklet. USDF/USEF have released their new tests for 2023 from Introductory Level through Fourth Level, Developing Horse, and Freestyle. These tests will become effective December 1, 2022 replacing the 2019 tests. With the new tests this is a must have for the coming show year. All ODS members who have renewed their ODS membership by January 31st will receive the new test booklet. To renew your ODS membership online click here. 

Additionally, members who renew by Wednesday Jan. 25th will also receive the USDF yearbook.

Last, but not least…

All applications for Horse/Rider Awards must be received in the ODS Post Office box by Jan. 31st. Click here for requirements and applications. Please mail to: ODS, P.O. Box 666, Canby, Oregon 97013.

Questions? Contact the ODS office at:

ODS Welcomes back Mette Rosencrantz

Back By Popular Demand ~ Save the Date!

ODS is very excited to announce a Spring clinic with Mette Rosencrantz April 22nd – 23rd at Willamette Landing in Newberg, Oregon. For those of you that were unable to attend last Fall’s Trainer’s Workshop now is your change to participate.

Mette is a seven-time US National Championship competitor who has brought several horses and riders all the way up to international Grand Prix level.

More information to come.