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Thank You!

Thank you to all who came out to volunteer & support ODS’s Casual Qualifier last weekend. It was such a pleasure to see everyone and their horses out and about.

Thank you to Noah Rattner and the DevonWood staff for all their support.

Join Us for the Competition Workshop with Paula Lacy

The Competition Workshop is designed to educate all riders, trainers and spectators on dressage test riding.

Join Paula Lacy, “S” judge, as she helps demo riders at their individual level of training. The riders will then ride the test of their choice with Paula judging “live” for the attendees to hear what she is scoring and her comments. After the test, Paula will focus on key movements that could be improved to obtain better scores.

This is an interactive workshop, meaning all attendees will be asked to participate and ask questions throughout the day. Ever wonder why your got that score? Learn what the judge is thinking as the test is ridden!

Training level through FEI tests will be demonstrated.

Lunch will be provided each day.

Current county Covid precautions will be followed during this event.

We hope you can make it! Click here for information and registration.


ODS Adult Amateur Workshop With Judge Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez

This is a combination clinic and test riding workshop with Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez, licensed FEI C/3* Judge, FEI Young Horse 3*, “S” Judge, Freestyle and Young Horse Judge as well as an instructor.

Have you ever wondered what the judge actually sees? What might be most important to them in a test at a certain level? How you can improve a movement and flow into the next one? How to show off you and your horse’s best to the judge? How to show movements that aren’t the easiest for you?

Demo riders will show the current tests up the levels, and participants will have the opportunity to comment and ask Debbie questions. Debbie will give her insight on common mistakes within the tests, how to improve this particular rider/horse combination, as well as “score” the test and provide comments.

Register Now!

Demo Riders: Demo Rider spots will be filled with AA riders. To apply for a demo rider spot, you must sign up for the 2 day Early Registration, which ends on March 12th. All ODS members that have signed up by that date will be invited to apply for a demo rider spot via email.

Registration for 2 days will be available until April 9th…but the fee will be higher.

Trainers and Youth are welcome to participate in the workshop. Open to all ODS members. Sign up to Join ODS, or pay the non-member fee.

Participants will be spaced at a County Covid-compliant distance. Masks will be required in the arena and other barn areas unless you are riding, based on then current County requirements.

Thank you to Gallops Saddlery for their sponsorship at this event!