Lisa Koch

President’s Message: USDF/ODS COVID-19 Update

ODS Members,

We have received an official announcement from the United States Dressage Federation about its direction regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how USDF competitions and educational events will be handled at this point.

(Read the USDF official statement here.)

ODS will follow this decision and suspend all ODS Approved Licensed and League shows until April 15th, 2020. At that point, we will update you with the latest determination. Please be advised that any scores earned between March 17-April 15th will not count toward qualifying for ODS and Region 6 Championships or League Show Finals awards. This also applies to the 2020 Licensed and League Horse/Rider awards.

Please note, the USDF Region 6 Youth Education Clinic with George Williams and the Youth Outreach Clinic with Brooke Martz (April 25/26) are canceled. USDF has canceled all educational events until May 22-24 with the intention to reschedule.

We will continue to update you as we receive more news. Please keep yourself and your families safe during this time.

Please call the ODS office at 503-893-5254 or myself at 541-410-5968 if you have any questions.

Lisa Koch
ODS President

Lisa Koch

President’s Letter: January 2020

Happy January!

The membership survey results showed us that you, the members, use the website to obtain information on events/prize lists and to join and submit your yearly dues. The survey also told us email is the best way to reach you. The top two things you thought ODS could do better for members:

  1. Improve the website and calendar; and
  2. Communication.

In response to this, we are excited to announce that Tory Kelley has agreed to take a temporary Office assistant position for ODS! In this new role, Tory will process memberships, insurance, and show approvals; maintain the ODS show and events calendar; monitor social media and update the website; and offer customer service support to ODS members.

Our goal is to streamline communications and improve the day-to-day membership experience.

The website is under construction with updates expected by February 1st. We will continue to update and improve the website. You can submit your events and shows to Tory now to get them on the calendar.

In addition, we have formed a strategic planning committee to define and develop the ODS mission: Why ODS is doing what we are doing, our vision of what that looks like, and a plan on how to get there. This work started with the membership survey. We will also engage chapter presidents in helping us identify key points.