Q: How long does it take to process my membership?
A: Applications done through our membership software are automated and processed immediately / a member profile is created. Memberships are sent to USDF and to Flying Changes once a month, so it is possible that it can take 6 weeks to be fully processed. Applications sent by mail, fax or delivered to in person (to competitions, etc) are normally processed within 5 – 7 days of receipt, however we request that you allow up to six weeks for memberships to be fully processed, which includes the start of magazine subscriptions and your USDF Group Membership.

Q: I have a show tomorrow. Can I receive my card immediately?
A: You can join online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will be able to prove your ODS membership by showing the secretary a receipt for membership payment.

Membership applications will be processed in order received.

Q: I had a show last weekend. Can ODS backdate my membership so that my scores count towards year end awards?
A: Unfortunately, unless you joined at the show prior to scores being earned or mailed your application so that it has a postmark before the scores were earned, we are unable to backdate your membership.

Q: I am confused about the USDF Memberships. How do I know what type of USDF membership I need, especially for competitions? 
A: When you join ODS, part of your dues are passed through to USDF on your behalf and you are given a USDF Group Membership. Group Memberships are sufficient for fulfilling USDF membership requirements for participation in USEF/USDF licensed competitions and for earning scores towards your USDF Rider Awards, however not sufficient for higher goals such as qualifying for USDF Regional/National Championships or USDF HOY/Breed Awards, etc. Please review the “What Membership is Right for Me” page on the USDF website for complete details: http://usdf.org/join/.

Q: How can I prove my membership? 
A: Members may prove their membership for educational and showing purposes in the following ways:

  • By printing your membership profile, once logged in.
  • By printing the page on which your name appears on our online list (no need to print the whole list – select the page number when you print and print only that page).
  • By going to www.usdf.org/card and printing proof of membership – enter your name and after you submit, click on the link that says “GMO” (not your number under your name) to bring up your ODS proof of membership.
  • By printing the transaction receipt you received after successful processing of your membership online. 

Q: I joined recently so where is my copy of Flying Changes? How do I report missing issues of Flying Changes?
A: It can take up to six weeks to get you onto the Flying Changes mailing list. The deadline is the 7th of the month for the following month’s issue – so to receive the January issue of Flying Changes, your membership will need to be in the ODS Office with ample time for processing prior to December 7th. If your membership application is processed after December 7th, you should receive the February issue as your first issue.