Membership Roster

Below is a recent list of all ODS members (the date it was updated is on the top of the list). We do not publish personal information like e-mail, phone, or address on this publicly available site.

Members can get contact info about other members by signing in to the “members only resources” and searching by name. (Look on the menu, under “about ODS”). If you need a roster with contact information for ODS (or chapter) business, please e-mail our membership coordinator at for a more detailed roster.

Members can print out their MEMBERSHIP CARDS by signing on to the “members only resources” and clicking on “profile”.

Please do not use rosters to mail information to the whole membership. If you want information distributed to the whole club, please e-mail the information to We maintain a separate mailing list which includes people who are not paid members, but want our mailings, and also allows people to “opt out” of ODS mailings.

CTA Button: Get Roster (button should take people to the attached excel file)

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