2019 League championship



   This year’s League Championship, aka League Finals, brings a new experience for ODS members.  ODS is partnering the League Championship[ with the Oregon Horse Center’s Dressage Festival.  This gives members three ways to show!  Championship classes, ODS League Open classes, and through the OHC Dressage Festival, schooling classes for practically every discipline of dressage.

Organized and Hosted by Umpqua Valley and Mid Valley Chapters of ODS


Saturday – Kathy Casey “r”                            Sunday – Sally Sovey “L”

Show Secretary – Siobhan Barker                      Show Manager – Valerie Stallings

Junior/ Young Rider, Adult Amatuer, and Open Divisions

qualifying requirements:

  1.  Rider must be a current ODS member in good standing when the scores are earned. 
  2. Entries must have earned two qualifying scores (55% or greater); per level, per division and from two different judges at two separate competitions.
  3. The qualifying year is defined as starting the day of the League Finals Championship for the previous year’s show and ending on the closing date for the current year’s League Finals Championship Show.
  4. Qualifying scores must be earned by a horse/rider combination, they cannot be earned separately.
  5. Only scores received at ODS League shows may be used.
  6. Only scores received using current USDF / USEF approved dressage tests count.
  7. Attach photocopies of the front cover of the qualifying tests to the entry form and proof of your ODS membership , either a copy of your USDF GMO membership card OR a copy of the relevant page of the current ODS membership list.
  8. Horse/Rider combinations winning ODS League Championship Classes may not compete at that level in future ODS League Championship Classes. However, If a horse rider combination wins a League Championship with fewer than 3 in the class then horse/rider combination is eligible to compete in League Championship at same level the following year, provided the qualifying criteria are met.
  9.  Refer to USEF rules in regards to Open, Adult Amateur and Junior/Young Rider definitions.

Championship scores will be calculated by averaging the percentages earned in the two tests ridden.

• League Championship classes must be ridden from memory
• Whips are not allowed

freestyle, pas de deux, and quadrille do not require qualifying scores to be ridden at the 2019 league championship.

costumes are welcome in the above classes.

Open classes will be available as time permits.  


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